Quantitative Methods Student Presentation Award

This annual award is open to all undergraduate and graduate student members of the Quantitative Methods Section of CPA who are presenting in a session sponsored by the Quantitative Methods Section (no nominations are required). In addition to receiving the award, the winner of the Student Presentation Award will also receive a special invitation to publish a report based on the content of the presentation in The Quantitative Methods for Psychology (TQMP).

2020 Winner: TBA

Past Winners:

2019: Linda Farmus, York University
Presentation: Incidence and Interpretation of Statistical Suppression in Psychological Research, Linda Farmus, York University; Naomi Martinez Gutierrez, York University; Robert Cribbie, York University

2018: Nataly Beribisky, York University
Presentation: Visualizing Associations Among Variables: Equivalence and Difference-Based Perspectives, Nataly Beribisky, Linda Farmus, Robert Cribbie, York University

2017: Donna Tafreshi, Simon Fraser University
Presentation: A Review of meta-analysis reporting practices in psychology. Donna Tafreshi, Kathleen Slaney, Simon Fraser University.

2016: Alyssa Counsell, York University
Presentation: Attitudes Towards Statistics and Statistical Software in Psychology: Implications for Teaching and Student Success. Alyssa Counsell, Robert Cribbie, York University.

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